Department of Musicology and Ethnomusicology


Department of Musicology and Ethnomusicology was established in 1955. Professors of musicology and ethnomusicology included academician Cvjetko Rihtman (1955-1974), dr. Jože Sivec (1958-1963) dr. Zija Kučukalić (1963-1991), dr. Bojan Bujić (1967-1971), mr. Dunja Rihtman-Šotrić (1972-1986), dr. Ankica Petrović (1978-1993) and dr. Vinko Krajtmajer (1993-2008). Since 1995, Department occasionally engages visiting professors as well: academician Nikša Gligo, dr. Miljenko Grgić, dr. Munib Maglajlić, dr. Fatima Lačević, dr. Tvrtko Zebec, dr. Nirha Efendić and dr. Sulejman Bosto.

In the 2005/2006 academic year, Department’s study program was reformed in line with the principles of Bologna Declaration. Department of Musicology and Ethnomusicology organizes three cycles of study – undergraduate (four years), master’s (one year), and doctoral (three years). Students of all the three cycles complete internship and research at the Institute of Musicology. Since 1963 up till now, a total of 60 students graduated, ten students have successfully completed master studies and six the second cycle of studies.

Department also includes the vocal-instrumental ensemble Etnoakademik, whose repertoire nourishes Bosnian and Herzegovinian traditional music, which has been recorded on several compact discs. Work by teachers, teaching assistants and students of the department resulted in the foundation of Musicological Society of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and International Council for Traditional Music – ICTM National Committee in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Present employees of Department include: prof. dr. Tamara Karača Beljak, prof. dr. Jasmina Talam, dr. Fatima Hadžić, dr. Lana Paćuka, ass. mr. Amra Toska.

Lana Paćuka is Head of Department.





Concert Season includes festivals May Music Festivities, Sonemus Fest, Sarajevo International Guitar Festival. May Music Festivities Sarajevo International Guitar Festival Sonemus Fest


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