Mission, Vision, Strategic definitions


Mission of Academy is to educate high-quality, capable, creative and internationally competitive and competent staff in pedagogical, artistic and scientific fields. Academy should permanently affect the formation of musical public sentiment and creation of aesthetic standards in musical and general culture in BiH. In this respect, Academy permanently strives to adjust its curricula and syllabi with the mission.

Vision of Academy is to remain the leading local institution in the area of its work and activity, particularly in the area of higher music education of staff for diverse activities in the area of art music. Such a vision is implemented in the conditions of significant competition by other music academies in BiH, fair or unfair, where Academy will survive due to high-set goals and the creation of conditions for their achievement.

Strategic definitions are based on the premise that Academy is a musical institution where social and artistic interests intertwine so as to respond to the demands of social trends and production of musical values. It means that Academy is not giving up the production of musical values that make up the basis of cultural and civilizational values of world society, either by adopting the already existing quality patterns or by providing artistic dimensions to local musical values.




Concert Season includes festivals May Music Festivities, Sonemus Fest, Sarajevo International Guitar Festival. May Music Festivities Sarajevo International Guitar Festival Sonemus Fest


Through various forms of concerts (ensemble concerts, all-evening recitals, concerts of mixed character), all Academy departments are presented as well as their rich artistic and concert activity. Concert season