First cycle of studies

The undergraduate studies at Academy of Music are organized as full-time studies and a parallel, i.e. paying studies for persons who finance their studies by themselves. The undergraduate study program for obtaining university degree lasts for eight semesters, in accordance with standards and norms. Classes and exams in given courses can also be taken at another higher-education institution which is the home institution for the course.

The undergraduate study program is delivered according to curriculum and syllabi. The syllabus defines the content of the course, way of delivering classes and taking exams and other ways of knowledge assessment, mandatory textbooks and manuals and other mandatory reading that form the basis for taking the exam in the given course. General and professional courses are mandatory. Optional elective courses can be defined by the curriculum for the expansion of students’ professional knowledge and general culture.

An optional elective course becomes mandatory when the student has made the selection. Curriculum and syllabi of general courses are defined by University, upon the approval by Government. University can decide that some professional courses shall be core courses that provide the core professional basis for students who study complementary scientific or artistic fields. Syllabi of other courses are defined by the Academy’s All Faculty Council upon previous approval by University.

Curricula are publicized on the Academy’s notice board, and can also be published together, in a separate brochure, which has to be available to students.

Students is entitled to completing studies according to the curriculum valid at the time of their admission. If the curriculum changes in the course of studies, students can exercise the right of the previous sentence, no longer than over three years starting from the certification of the last semester. If the student expresses the desire, they can continue their studies according to the changed curriculum immediately when it becomes valid (…)





Concert Season includes festivals May Music Festivities, Sonemus Fest, Sarajevo International Guitar Festival. May Music Festivities Sarajevo International Guitar Festival Sonemus Fest


Through various forms of concerts (ensemble concerts, all-evening recitals, concerts of mixed character), all Academy departments are presented as well as their rich artistic and concert activity. Concert season